HIGHLIGHTS (Click the links)

March 30th 2017 // Launched Chris' Podcast with Ty Montgomery, Darren Haynes and Chris Broussard

January 27th 2017 // Granted release from RCA

September 24th 2016 // Released the 'Stop Me' Remix on the Sway in the Morning show

Stop Me Sync Placements:

Lethal Weapon (FOX)

ESPY Awards (Best Male Athlete - ESPN)

Ballers (HBO)

Honda Commercial

All ESPN Programming (along with 'Open Door (See You Later)' & 'The Glory Pt 1')

Others: Roc Nation Sports, Temple University, Texas University, Auburn University

June 28th 2016 // 1st ever Youth Ambassador at the BET Awards

March 11 2016 // Dropped 'The Glory Album' on FYS/RCA. Album debuts at #5 on the Billboard R&B Chart, #6 Christian, #14 R&B/Hip-Hop, #22 Digital, #64 Top Album Sales.

February 12 2016 - 'Open Door (See You Later)' and 'Ft. Knox' made Apple Music's 'Best of the Week' song chart back-to-back.

June 23 2015 - Signed with Kirk Franklin and Fo Yo Soul/RCA Records

April 28th 2015 - Dropped 'The Demos' EP exclusively on The Overflow.

February 11 2015 - Granted release from Collision Records

March 25th 2014 - Dropped 'School of Roses' on Collision Records. Album debuts at #5 on the Billboard R&B Chart, #9 Independent, #9 R&B/Hip-Hop, #13 Digital, #44 Billboard 200.

March 2013 - Dropped 'W.L.A.K.' Collective album. Debuts at #1 on the Billboard Gospel Chart. Song 'King in Me' is synced for the American Idol Super Bowl Commercial.