Verse 1

Small town, 1993

Two kids, different sides of the street

Just laughing and playing games

They didn't know one day they'd share a name 

They grew up, headed off to school 

A couple years, came back to jump the broom

But, things got tense when they couldn't get 

The pretty house with the white picket fence

But don't you know that where he came from

They don't have those things

It took him long enough to save up just to buy that ring

She hears him singing, "No one knows the trouble that I've seen"

She grew up in a happy home

He had to make it on his own as a black male



Is it something that we do to ourselves? 


Black male 

Black male

Black male


Verse 2

She seemed a little nervous on the way home 

Got lost, no signal on the phone

When he realizes where they are

He's thinking maybe she should drive the car

Lights start flashing red and blue

She's afraid, he's thinking nothing new

She says, "Sir, what did we do?" 

He says, "It has nothing to do with you.”

“They put a call out for a suspect that looks just like him

Around his height around his weight 

And, he's got darker skin

Sir! I need you out the car or I'm calling back up in!"

She looks up, I can see her eyes 

Another tear, but I ain't surprised 'cause I'm a black male, baby



Is it something that we do to ourselves? 


Black male 

Just a Black male

Black male



Black male, 

It's hard, I know and you deal with it everyday

Trust God, be strong, He'll never lead you astray

I'm here for you no matter what comes our way

To be in love, this is the price that we pay


Verse 3

Monday night in the living room

Caught chills when they turned on the news

Missouri full of misery 

Had to kiss his wife on the cheek

They'll get over it after while

He's more concerned about what to tell his child

Don't give in to the worldview 

'Cause either way, you didn't choose to be a black male


Chorus 3

Is it something that we do to ourselves?

Black male, Blackmail

Something you don't wanna do to yourself

Blackmail, Black male

Just make sure you're not to hard on yourself

Beautiful Black male

Black male 

Black male 

Black male